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Travers Horse Facility - Kronenberg

Travers Horse Facility
Project information

Start project: November 2018

Completion: May 2019

Type of property: Horse farm

In 2018 PMC Projects BV was approached to build a new equestrian accommodation called Travers Horse Facility in Kronenberg. The client came to PMC Projects BV for this construction after having obtained information through various channels. He indicated that he was looking for a company that specializes in building accommodations in the equestrian sector.

For this construction, the client has opted for steel trusses in combination with wooden purlins. The walls are made of concrete panels with stone strips so that the walls have the appearance of masonry. Wall cladding has been used for the rest of the facades, which is covered with a steel pot lid with wood grain. In this way the construction seems to be paneled with wood, but the advantage of this is that the steel pot lid is maintenance-free. The roof is fitted with sandwich panels with a wave motif.

This equestrian complex is of a considerable size and is fully equipped. This complex has an indoor arena of 30 x 60m, 40 horse stables, 14 washing and cleaning places, various storage areas, a large reception room, 14 apartments, 2 covered walking mills and 2 covered lunging arena's.

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