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Stal Hendrix - Kessel

Stal Hendrix - Kessel
Project information

Start project: June 2019


Type of property: Horse farm

At the end of 2017, PMC Projects BV was approached by Michel Hendrix for the construction of his new horse accommodation. At the time only a preliminary design was available. Michel has indicated to us what his wishes where and based on this we have worked out various calculations from which a definitive plan has been created.

During the development of the final plan, various discussions were held between PMC Projects, Michel Hendrix and his Architect to work out further details so that the customer knows exactly what to expect from us and how things would be carried out in practice.

The construction is mainly provided with masonry. At those points where it was possible and more interesting from a cost point of view, concrete panels were used which were supplied by PMC Projects. The color Ral 9002 was chosen for the steel construction. This is a beautiful white color which gives a nice light appearance inside the building. The columns of the horse stables are galvanized so that they have better protection against ammonia. The wall cladding consists of insulated wall panels which are provided with a steel pot lid profile in a matt color black and a wood grain structure. Sandwich panels were chosen for the roof cladding. The roof panels of the riding hall are equipped with a wave profiling. The roof panels of the central corridor and the horse stables are fitted with a roof tile profile. PMC Projects also provided the zinc gutters and sliding doors which are made of sandwich panels.

This new horse accommodation at Stal Hendrix is ​​of a considerable size and is fully equipped. For example, this accommodation has an indoor arena of
30 x 60m, 24 horse stables, 10 washing and grooming places, 2 tack rooms, an indoor walker, reception room, office and various rooms more.

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