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Paardenkliniek Venlo

Paardenkliniek Venlo
Project information

Completion: 2020

Type of property: Equine Clinic

At the end of 2020, the doors of the brand new Paardenkliniek Venlo opened. Together with PMC Projects, Stephanie Welschen and Pieter Wolleswinkel developed an extension that speaks for itself.

Paardenkliniek Venlo is known nationally and internationally as a specialist in purchase and sale inspections. With this in mind a final design was made. Construction, which started in 2019, was carried out as much as possible in prefab (prefabrication in factory or workshop). This ensures that construction goes much faster and it is also more interesting from a cost point of view. Perfect housing is important for every horse. But for horses recovering from an illness or surgery, optimal housing is extra important! Safe, clean, airy, spacious, lots of light and above all quiet; this typifies the new location of Paardenkliniek Venlo.

The horse clinic is fully equipped. 20 horse stables, an indoor track, ultrasound room, X-ray room, paved street (for inspections) and a paved lunge circle. But there is also a space for the aquatrainer and an office area. The accommodation is made in such a way that the team of veterinarians can carry out their work in the best possible way. A visit to the vet is not always fun. That's why every effort has been made to make it so comfortable as possible for humans and horses at Paardenkliniek Venlo. Not only the stables have a beautiful skylight also the indoor track has a skylight. After all, (sun)light has a
positive effect. Not only on us, but also on the horses!

With this new total concept, Paardenkliniek Venlo is ready for the future.

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