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GP Stables - Asten-Heusden

GP Stables - Asten-Heusden
Project information

Completion: 2020

Type of property: Horse farm

A spacious stable, with plenty of light and made of high-quality materials. This beautiful stable is a very nice place for people and horses. GP Stables proudly opened the (brand new) doors of their stable in Heusden in Brabant in 2020.

Karel Gerrits and Saskia Poel, known from champion stallion Le Formidable, came to PMC Projects in 2019. The couple had plans to build a new barn and extend an existing barn. Karel and Saskia have been successful in sport and breeding for many years, but there was a need for more space. Together with PMC Projects an extensive plan and a drawing where made to realize their dreams.

A combination of prefab (prefabrication in the factory or workshop) and an architectural elaboration was chosen. The latter provides a luxurious look. A high ceiling with a huge skylight, a wide aisle and shutters to the outside provide light and air in the beautifully finished stable. 8 luxury stables, 4 washing places, a storage area for hay and straw, feeding room, a tack room, a blanket room, a toilet and shower ensure that this new stable is fully equipped.

The new stable is the centerpiece of the accommodation. From here there are short walking routes to the riding arena, lunge track or to the meadows. Because of the high doors between the stable and washing areas there is always peaceful environment. The horses are kept in spacious boxes and have an inside and an outside hatch. An existing shed has also been completely extended. The extension has been given the same style as the new stable. Here is plenty of room for the breeding of GP Stables. Four standard stables and six mare stables make it an ideal place for new life.

Anyone who visits the GP Stables knows that it has been built with an eye for detail. Everything is very well thought out. The new building is finished with fantastic boxes, lamps, doors and furnishment for the tack room and reception area.

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